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Bamboo fencing, reed, willow and fern fencing are the most commonly requested fencing types by our customers.
Excellent for both indoor or outdoor use.
Wire-wound to survive the outside elements. Install over existing fences, posts, or hide those ugly chain-linked fences (or neighbors! just kidding...)

These rolls are generally 6ft Height by 15ft long. There are made from different materials but are usually wire wound.
They are used to cover existing fencing to give a jungle look. You can staple, glue and wire tie these fencing to your existing fencing.
There needs to be an existing solid fencing/wall/posts spaced every few ft. to use this option. This type of fencing cannot stand alone without solid backing.

Use over a framed patio, instead of thatch, for shade. Can be stapled to plywood. Great for tiki bars and a low cost alternative to actual bamboo poles.

You can use this option for wall coverings and ceilings. Same idea you can staple, or glue the rolled fencing to the walls or ceilings. A normal staple gun or tacking glue from your local hardware store will work. Cut the roll to size and glue and you are done! This is an easy do it yourself project that has been one of customers growing favorite because of its low cost per foot pricing.
Very versatile. We love this stuff!

Use galvanized wire, twist around poles or existing chain-link fence to secure.
Staple gun works well when installing to walls/ceilings.

Bits o' Advice
When using outdoors, keep the rolled fencing from touching the ground directly to prevent water rot.
The fencing can be cut to size, both the height and the length can be trimmed.
Use a sharp pair of pruning shears to cut.
The fencing is a HANDMADE natural product and subject color, texture, and size variations. We have found the length to be plus or minus 15 ft. Err on the safe side, and consider the rolls will be slightly less than 15 ft.


Difu Fence

6 x 15 ft
$105.38 per roll

Fern Fence
6 x 15 ft
$103.50 per roll

Twig Fence
6 x 15 ft
$121.20/ per roll

Bamboo Stick Fence
6 x 15 ft
$63.00per roll

6 x 25 ft $85.50
6 x 15 ft $68.63
$ 0.6/sqft

Willow Fence
6 x 15 ft
$78.65 per roll

Cane Fence
6 x 10 ft
$93.00 per roll

White Fern Fence
6 x 15 ft
$93.00 per roll

Dwarf Pine Fence
6 x 15 ft
$90.00 per roll

Custom Bamboo Fence
7/8" dia- $5.74/sqft
1" dia- $6.27/sqft
1 1/4" dia-$6.73/sqft

River Reed Fence
6 x 15 ft
$93.00 per roll

Please click on any of the pictures for more detailed pictures.

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Main Bamboo divider, for blinds and matchstick page, Thailand only

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