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           The Palapas

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  Yup! I am really invisible!              WELCOME to the Palapa Gallery!!

Well, first of all...., we would like to apologize to our customers: we were extremely late in updating this website. Palapa work in Houston has swamped us, and we are now finally getting past the backlog.Yup! I am invisible!

We finally found a reliable design for palapas at a low cost to boot. (Took us a while…….. )

Most of our original designs were based around palapa components that was broken down and reassembled by the customer. (much like our competitors). This was complicated, many bits and pieces, nuts and bolts to assemble correctly. Never seemed to work well……. Many confused and bedazzled customers……


We came up with a simpler design. The "Sande Grande" Palapa  has only 3 components to put together. The post, Umbrella frame, prewoven untreated thatch.
Please Note:
We will only retail 4-5 palapas a week. (This is to maintain the quality and our sanity!). Currently (as of 06/15/01) we are in a 3-week backorder.


The pillar is made from pretreated 6” lumber. The pillar is cemented into the ground with a post of cement. This will allow the lumber to withstand bugs and rotting.
The height of the palapa is 9 ft tall.





The umbrella frame is also made of the same pretreated lumber but its cross members are 3” in diameter.





Unlike our competitors, our palapa frame in not screwed in or bolted together. We nail the corners together with 6” double galvanized nails. (very solid construction)





The umbrella thatch is made from grass fronds. It is interwoven into a mat and is circular. The palapa uses two umbrella thatch panels to cover the palapa frame. The thatch is held to the frame from plastic wire ties that are hidden under the thatch.
All these components will come by ground freight.  






Umbrella Thatch




6 ft

28 sqft





310 lbs


8 ft

50 sqft





420 lbs

Coming soon 12 ft umbrellas!!!!



These kits comes with complete instructions. Step by Step pictures of how to install the "Sande Grande" Palapa will be available on this website shortly.
(Please see the pictures below to better understand its construction).

Assembly requires two people, comfortable with using a hand drill. The only component that you would have to purchase is 2 bags of quick drying cements from your local hardware store. All other hardware will be provided.  

And your cost?
CA-6: $475.00 + shipping
CA-8  $575.00 + shipping
Shipping cost will average from $120-250 depending on the destination.

Limited time offer

We will supply the center table shown below FREE! for the first 500 palapas! This is a $180.00 product.




Some advantages of Thatch Umbrellas
Perfect for all outdoor and indoor applications.
• Cool shade, typically 10º cooler than canvas shade, warm air escapes through the thatch.
• Withstands exceptionally high winds, never has to be taken down, even in the severest winters.
• 90% waterproof.
• Totally natural thatch reed, Eco-friendly, replenish able resource.
• Very durable, lasts 4 - 12 years outdoors, depending on climate.
• Simple and easy to install - less than 3 hours - no special tools or skills required.


Some things to watch out for in the long-term use.
• Thatch covers will eventually wear out from the heat and sun. They generally last from 2-7 years depending on the humidity, rainfall and sunlight.
Our customers can purchase replacement thatch umbrella panels at cost ~$75.00 per panel. (you will need two)

• Plastic wire ties with long term sun exposure will eventually break. These must be replaced as breakage occurs, usually every 2-3 years. Wire may be used for longer-term usage.


Please click on any of the thumbnails below to see a larger picture.  

8ft Palapa



8ft Palapa



8ft Palapa



Inside Look



Inside Look



Center table



Palapa Umbrella Frame



Palapa Pillars



Bar Stand Frame



Bar Stand






Questions?? Chat with Us!!


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