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Never open your door again, walk right through it!!!

This is currently the largest selection of hand painted bamboo bead curtains on the net

O.K so what are bamboo bead curtains?
They are all made from natural bamboo beads (2 1/4" long pieces). They are strung together with wire.  In general, the curtains have 90-140 strands. The higher the number of strands the better the picture looks.
Human faces require much more skill and attention to detail by the artist. Painting these curtains is a very time consuming skilled process by the artist who has to paint each strand one at a time with exact precision as he rotates each strand and then steps back to view and check each stroke.

Please click on the pictures above for a larger Image

These curtains are very common in the far east for privacy in place of a door. When security and complete privacy is not required, we highly recommend this product. The murals and patterns are visible from both sides of the doorway. They fit most standard doors and have dimensions of 39"W by 77"L and is ready to mount on a standard doorframe. (dimensions are approximate to the closest inch!)

Hang this in a doorway between two rooms and you will see this lovely image from both rooms. Or use it as a closet door . (You can also use it to hide your washer & dryer.) Also looks great as a wall hanging. They are all hand-made from bamboo & hand painted so they vary slightly in size, color & total number of strands.

Note that regardless of the number of strands, you will be able to see through the curtain depending on where the light source is shining. The pictures may appear that the curtain is "dense" and not see-through, but this is only because of the camera light flash. If light is shining on both sides of the curtain, you will be able to see through the curtain.

Comment: Its difficult to show a bead curtain with pictures and do justice to the product. The beads move with the breeze, thus its difficult to get a clear picture. The curtains really look much better and brighter when installed than the pictures shown below.

Installation Tips:

The curtains have to eyelets attached to a headrail.
Remove your doors for the hinges. (you can leave the hinges in place) , all you need is two screws and a screwdriver. Mark the holes (eyelets) on the wall and drill in the screws.
You can attach the curtain to the door frame or to the wall above your door. (you probably want to use a cordless drill for this). Hang your curtains and tighten the screws.

You may trim the curtains to the proper width. (if your door is smaller) but cutting it down with a fine tooth hacksaw.
We cannot shorten the length of the curtains at this time. (Before I forget, there are no screws with the curtains, you will need 1" screws)

If you have a wider door than the curtain width. Here is a suggestion:
 -- Use a hand painted curtain of your choice in the center. Use a 2nd plain bead curtain to cover both extra lengths on each side. IE...your hand painted curtain with be in the center and the plain curtain, trimmed to the correct length will be on both sides.

Please note: curtains may be (+ or - 1") in length or width. This variation is due to the the nature of the bead curtain manufacturing process.

So what do the curtains cost?
Price of the curtain + shipping
$18.50 shipping - 1 curtain
$27.82 shipping - 2 curtains
$32.75 shipping - 3 curtains
$45.50 shipping - 4 curtains
(anywhere inside the continental U.S.A),
Folks in Hawaii, Alaska, and worldwide - contact us for shipping cost.

Handling is $3.00 per curtain.

We get many orders for Australia and New Zealand. Shipping to Australia or New Zealand is $95 with a transit time of 6 to 10 business days.

Small Print...!
Restocking fee is round trip shipping plus 30% of the curtain cost, The cost of the curtain is refunded if item is returned in original packaging. (30 day time limit).

The curtains are hand-painted and there could be color variations.

The lines you see in the pictures actually the lines of bamboo beads, since they are moving with the breeze, it is difficult to get a clear photograph of the curtain and the callaloo logo at the bottom is not on the actual bead curtain!
Many of the curtains are one of a kind or in limited quantities.
The inventory is updated weekly and moves very very fast. Please call the reserve the curtain, else we cannot guarantee the curtain will still be available.



All  of the bead curtains are divided into different categories.

Please click on any of the links below for more detailed pictures.

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Flower Collection



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