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Available in 1" Moso Bamboo

We designed this arbor after many many request from our customer for a arbor kit that they are able to put together themselves

We have paid detailed attention to the quality and construction of the Arbor/Trellis.. Simply put: this Arbor/Trellis is  designed to survive the outside environment for up to 5 years.

All the items listed below that make the fencing last longer are FREE!
  The bamboo is 1 - 1.25" treated tonkin bamboo
  The Arbor is already precoated/varnished for outside use. The arbor has been pretreated with biocide to kill any mold/fungus or bugs that may show up later after installation. This along with the bamboo, this treatment will extend the life of the fencing up to 5 years. (savings $55)
  The arbor is mottled/burnt to give a true jungle look to the fencing. It is unusual to find a arbor with this type of look. (savings $72)

This item can be used in any garden setting and in any weather.



We have step by step installation pictures below to help.
It will take you about 1/2 hrs to install this kit
Detailed pictures located here.



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Name Bamboo Arbor
Cost $107
Dimensions 8ft tall by 6ft wide
Shipping* UPS and Ground Freight
Handling $5 per roll
Delivery Schedule 2-3 weeks
Usage Inside/Outside Home

* Please contact us with product name, quantity, and zip code for shipping cost












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